CSC Toronto - Principles of Construction Documentation Course - Starting February 12, 2024

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January 24, 2024 | By CSC Toronto Administrator

Principles of Construction Documentation (PCD)
Course Description:
The PCD course is an introductory course that will enable the student to have a better understanding of construction documentation (specifications, drawings, and schedules), products, bidding procedures, and contracts. It is also a prerequisite to all the other CSC education courses.
The course is designed for individuals involved in the construction industry, who at any point in their career are required to produce, read, supply products for, or rely on, the project manual/specification. In other words, it is designed for anyone in construction, whether they work as a designer, consultant, contractor or supplier.
The focus is to emphasize the relationship that exists between specifications and drawings, and the role of the industry participants. Contract documents and the project manual have an intrinsic relationship with each other, with standard pre-printed contract documents, and with associated documents; this course explains these relationships. This course is the introduction needed for taking the Specifier (SP) course, and is required to take the Technical Representative (TR) and Construction Contract Administration (CCA) courses.
Instructor: Mr. Shamanna Kelamangalam, CTR, PCD
12 February 2024 – 6 May 2024 (Mondays)
***Please note there will be no class on Monday, February 19, 2024 to respect the Family Day statutory holiday in Ontario***
$875.00 + HST = $988.75 - Member
$1175.00 + HST = $1327.75 - Non Member

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